Desert Oasis is a arid sink in a southwestern desert environment that is enjoying its first good rain in months. There are 20 virtual scenes scenes in this setting with differing lighting, weather and props and other environmental factors. Each skydome is a 3 second cycle of environmental animation consisting of 30 frames representing differing weather and lighting conditions and sequenced like chapters in book.

The animated image below is a only representation of the virtual scene afforded by webgl or the android apps. Click the image to see the Animated 3D Sky Dome scene in the WebGL viewer if your web browser supports it.

The first of many series of cyclic animated, panoramic full 360 environments as webgl and android 3D "Sky Box" for games and multimedia projects exclusively at This series includes about 10 linked scenes that can be combined for unique animation and atmospheric effects.Explore it with WebGL below or Android Download 3DSkydome for Android

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Animated 3D Sky Box scene in panoramic def in the WebGL viewer
Stop staring at the animated GIF 2d representation, Click here to explore the WebGL SkyDome!  Sky Dome for Android

Animated 3D Sky Box: Desert Oasis Series