Sample "Create Your Own 3D Scene" Output

This scene was super easy to make and publish. First read the terms of service, and also understand this is sites service is to be considered "beta" and will undergo live continuous development as features like texture swapping and model and camera animation get added. If you agree to put up with that, then please create a free account with Once you do you can select a Skydome from this month's featured series and then upload your favorite original or public domain licensed model (obj models only today - dae,.x, stl and others in the very near future) and their texture maps to the server. Provisions for uploading splash and logo images as well as URLs to streaming media and ogg audo.

The sample output scene below was published by uploading a freebie model from the "Sketchup 3D Warehouse (" and instantly exported and zipped properly (Zip containing OBJ with 5 separate texture maps) using IClones 3DExchange. Its important to rename the zipfile ( to something unique before saving and uploaded to the 3DSkyDome "Create Your Own 3D Scene" as the TITLE of the ZIP will be the URL on the server and at this point, is OVER-WRITABLE. SO SAVE YOUR CUSTOM HTML (copy/paste to notepad and save). Also its a good idea to SAVE the ZIP FILE, as our server deletes zips once the site is published. Over writes can happen if users select the same name for the zip file. These and other limitations will be fixed as development continues.

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