Kind of a unique place for 3d figure and modeling enthusiasts to display their original creations in the all the dimensions they are meant to me enjoyed. At the push of a button, inject your 3d model into a lush, animated 3d sky dome and publish your scene to virtual 3d display the web browser (WebGL) and Android app with touch camera control and background sound. Add custom "Your 3D Scenes" webgl pages and android apps to your Facebook page, or send as Greeting Cards or publish an on-line 3d story book. "3DSkyDome" makes it easy. is now operational accepting test clients while the system is evaluated to best determine how to improve the service as we expand. To take advantage of this opportunity just create a free account on this system, select a sky-dome below, zip your model (OBJ, MTL + JPG or PNG materials) and upload your creation!

So what is a skydome / skybox and what can I do with them? They are 3d textured mesh objects that envelop a 3d scene. They are constructed in several methods using panoramic 360 (XYZ full rotation of view) images or sequence of images merged together seamlessly. The animated skydomes are published in WebGL are built using a sequence of images using cyclic functions to allow for continuous viewing or re- sequencing/appending to others in the same scene for to achieve custom weather and lighting effects. 3DSkydome will soon release products sets that include the skybox & skydome OBJ & materials including depth, and alpha and massively detailed matching terrains for each line of the series so that game and multimedia developers can take advantage of the hi resolution source material.

Status: Operational, in beta test. is now accepting users to register and give the system a workout.

Please add general site comments to this message, and report any bugs changes in comment area to that site feature. In this manner I can easily identify and fix problems. Questions? Email: or for 3d/animation technical advice. Thanks for your participation.

Upcoming 3D Skydome Theme Series:

- City Crossroads
- Bayau Wetlands
- Summer Pond
- Forest and Clearing
- Medow
- Mountains

Looking for a sneak peek? Hint - some of these have been implemented in our games.

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